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A Boy and His Dog

Status: play-testing final draft?

Masters of the Pentacle

Status: transcribing notes for magic system

The Moons of Saturn

Status: developing map board
A Boy and His Dog Cover
The Blurb:
The year is 2024. 17 years ago, World War IV, which lasted all of 5 days, laid nuclear waste to the world.
You are a Solo: a wandering survivor eking out a solitary existence in what was once Arizona. But you've heard tales of Solos that are not lonely, who have a companion, a dog, a telepathic dog, with whom they share their lives and who helps them find food and shelter in the radioactive wasteland that Arizona has become.
Your goal is to survive in the radioactive environment and unpredictable weather, defend yourself against all manner of threats, find water and food, and find such a dog and convince him or her to be your companion.

The Game:
You play one of 12 Solos (or an as yet unplayed Solo if your Solo should die):

You wander the radioactive wasteland World War 4 made of Arizona:

Searching for one of 5 telepathic dogs whom you can charm into being your companion (the Telepathic Dog cards a shuffled into the Encounter decks; 1 in the Clear Deck, 2 in the Green Deck, 3 in the Yellow Deck, 4 in the Orange Deck, and 5 in the Red Deck):

Unless you're playing Quilla June, in which case you are searching for a Solo with 5 or more hit points to charm into returning with you Downunder:
While searching for such a dog or Solo, you encounter:

Playing by the rules:
With the aid of:
This game is based on Harlan Ellison's
short stories:
"A Boy and His Dog" (1969)
"Vic and Blood" (2003)
"Eggsucker" (2018)
"Run, Spot, Run" (2018)
Harlan Ellison's
works can be found at:
If you think you'd be interested in playing/buying A Boy and His Dog, please tell me about yourself:

This game will be based, in part, on my "Powers of the Pentacle" published in the Fall 1987 issue of Different Worlds magazine:
and on the magic system I had been developing way back in the 1980's based on "The Powers of the Pentacle" because I loathed AD&D's magic system but that I never finished. I recently discovered an outline I had printed out decades ago using a dot-matrix printer, have scanned, OCR'd using Adobe Acrobat Pro--good Murphy, all things Adobe are worthless!--and am now fixing all of Adobe's OCR errors. When I'm done fixing the outline, I'll decide how much of it needs to be fleshed out for Masters of the Pentacle and get to serious work on the game.
Who knows? Maybe I'll write up the entire magic system and publish it as well.